Earthwork (banking)

We have several types of machines, depending on your projects: from the narrowest or most delicate (interior of a house, approach to walls) or bigger ones (hill to be leveled, sandpit for the horses. …). Whether it is a small or a large project, we take care of it:

  • Ground leveling
  • Pool hole
  • Technical trench
  • Slope construction

Cosse TP especialises in works, whatever the size of the project, we offer you a suitable solution. We study your environment and the possible constraints to offer you a sanitation solution:

  • Sewage connection
  • Septic tank + bed and spreading
  • Septic tank + mound
  • Lifting pump depending on the situation (field configuration)

We do not demolish storehouses or houses made of asbestos or asbestos roofs.

  • All types of structures (houses, storehouses, garages, etc.)
  • Various procedures: demolition pliers, construction mats, etc.
  • All types of trees and hedges
  • Delicate access: close to your house or your electric (or telephone) connections
  • Pruning
  • Access possible by electric boom basket, pliers or on the ground (chainsaw)
Where to find us
La gare de lanloup
route de brehec
22580 - Plouha
Tel. 02 96 22 61 69
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